Milan Tittel

(1966, Litomyšl, Czechoslovakia)

Milan Tittel, a relatively well-known artist, at least among the experts, has been a part of numerous public presentations. He has exhibited together with one other artist – most frequently, Matej Gavula, (The XYZ group) and even larger groups. However, his independent work is not very well known. This is because his artistic gesture, so unlike any form of pompous, spectacular presentation, naturally sets him apart from common manifestations of artistic self-presentation. He has only recently emerged from the shadow of collective artistic semi-anonymity, a state that has perplexed us for some time, and only now can we get to know his works more thoroughly.

From the very beginning, Milan Tittel worked with in a wide media register. This, after all, is quite common in contemporary art, but lately he has been defining himself as “the master of sculpture miniatures” or rather objet trouvé – found objects of pocket size, small size and miniatures. Sometimes he presents these objects with little or no interventions, but more frequently he re-creates, deforms or reshapes them or applies various, simple but visually effective combinations.