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Ján Kekeli

(1984, Kežmarok)

My work is characterized by the attempt to strictly objectify reality, to create a new reality

or experience, to search for answers and at the same time to “sketch” an intimate emotional

map of the way I experience and perceive the world.

The vertical compositions and the effort to somehow organize things (at the cost of

extemporaneousness) are a clear expression of the nature of this research, which may seem

as a daring attempt at the first sight. The metaphorical movement of the elements of each composition in, by principle, simple language, is a documentation of the melancholic nature of different attempts to find solutions, which are at least somehow progressive. Through the

sophisticatedly simple and factually accurate records of the unbiased image of the

documented objects, situation or person, different layers of emotionally charged basal

models and causalities that form the basis of my decisions, acts and thoughts shine through.

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