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Viktor Šelesták   #selestakovepeknefotky

Despite the fact that Viktor Šelesták (April 11, 1989, Košice) has only a few years of intensive work behind him, he has already become one of the rising stars of the young generation of photographing artists. Šelesták is a representative of the new type of photography which only emerged in this century. It is not people who are at the center of this type of photographic document, but rather the traces they leave behind, the products of their civilization.  The photographs are taken in various parts of the world, but Šelesták, as opposed to his colleagues from the West, photographs mostly in the “Wild East”.  He focuses on contemporary urban landscapes, mostly Slovak, which are inundated by colors, full of colors like wild beasts; even harmonized colors and related color fields create a random and incongruous impression. It is reality perceived as a colorful patchwork, a colored patch on a patch. It is a merry, joyful and yet comfortless world. 

Aurel Hrabušický

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